- 2023: Postdoc at Western University, Canada
- 2023: PhD from the University of Manitoba, Canada
- 2019: MSc from the University of Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Qian Liu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg. She is trained in machine learning, deep learning, applied statistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, and medical imaging. Dr. Liu holds a Ph.D. in Individual Interdisciplinary Studies, which integrates Computer Science, Statistics, and Medical Genetics.

Dr. Liu's research lab is dedicated to developing and applying advanced data science techniques, such as multi-modal data integration (including genomics, imaging, time-series, and graph data), joint statistics and machine learning, and interpretable artificial intelligence (AI). Her work addresses specific challenges in healthcare and material science, aiming to improve diagnostic accuracy, treatment planning, and the development of new materials.

Dr. Liu’s expertise in AI, statistics, and bioinformatics synergizes with the diverse skills of her collaborators. Her multidisciplinary and collaborative framework enhances the impact of her research, making significant contributions to both healthcare and material science.

Qian Liu


Department of Applied Computer Science
University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB, Canada


* co-first author
** co-corresponding author


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2024.5.31 Dr. Qian Liu won the University of Manitoba Distinguished Dissertation Award. Congratulations!

2024.3.5 Our undergraduate student Xiao Zhang won the NSERC USRA award. Congratulations!

2023.8.4 Dr. Qian Liu's lab has now been established and is accepting graduate students, welcoming visiting scholars, and providing research opportunities for undergraduate students. If you are interested in engaging in research with Dr. Liu, please reach out via email to explore potential opportunities.


Undergraduate Student
Xiao Zhang (Applied Computer Science, University of Winnipeg)
Recipient of the NSERC USRA Award

MSc Student
Huanjing Liu (Applied Computer Science, University of Winnipeg)


Dr. Liu is currently open to accepting graduate students, welcoming visiting scholars, and providing research opportunities for undergraduate students. If you are interested in engaging in research with Dr. Liu, please reach out via email to explore potential opportunities.