MSc in ACS

MSc Faculty in ACS

     Graduate Program Chair: S. Camorlinga; Professors: S. Liao; S. Ramanna;
     Associate Professor: C. Henry; Assistant Professor: T. Halabi - Course-Based Supervisor;
     Administrative Supervisor of Grad Students: C. Arnhold

Degress/Programs Offered MSc

 The department offers a Master's program at the graduate level in Applied Computer Science and Society with a focus on issues of technology and ethical/human/social aspects of computing. We offer courses in three core clusters that represent frontiers of the discipline. These are: i) Information Representation, ii) Search and Management, Intelligent Systems, and iii) Systems Development.

  Areas of Research

  The research interests of our faculty include: algorithms and complexity, computational intelligence, computer vision, data warehousing, distributed systems, health information systems, web and document databases, granular computing, image processing, pattern recognition, software engineering, security and privacy, machine learning, multimedia computing, and wireless communication.   Information about specific research topics can be found on the faculty web pages.

  We offer both thesis-based and course-based programs. Our thesis-based program is designed to provide an excellent basis for a Ph.D. in computer science or other related fields. Our graduates in the course-based program are well-qualified for employment in industry, the public-sector, and academia.

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