The department has very strong research and scholarship record, with a significant number of members being supported by NSERC research grants.

The following areas represent the department research interests: 

  • Document databases, Multimedia databases, Web databases, Semi-structured databases,
  • Deductive databases, DNA databases, and Data warehousing.
  • Discrete mathematics, Algorithms, Computational complexity, Graph theory, and Combinatorics.
  • Symbolic Computing, Quantum Computing, and Formal Languages.
  • Operating systems, Cooperative systems, and Distributed systems.
  • Pattern recognition, Computer vision, Image processing, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Theory and Methodologies for Intelligent Systems.
  • Object-oriented methodologies, Modeling, Quantitative Software Engineering, and Project Management

The department has many years in research and development in both practical systems and research prototypes. Please visit faculty members’ web sites for more detailed discussion of research interests and publications.