Lab Policy for Lab 3C13 

Propping the door open or opening the door for other people will cause your lab access to be disabled immediately.

Students must use the lab facilities responsibly.  Inappropriate behaviors, as listed below might cause your lab access to be disabled:

Speaking loudly that disturbs other people

in the lab.

Leaving the lab without logging off the computer.

Eating/drinking in the lab.

Writing on the whiteboard without cleaning up afterwards.

Staying in the lab after the posted lab hours are over.

Staying in the lab after a class that the student should not attend has started in 3C13.

Attending a lab that the student is not registered in.

If you are unplugging the computer to plug in your laptop, please plug the computer back in when you are done.

Any inappropirate alteration to the equipment in the lab.


If you discover any technical problems please report it to ACS Technology Support